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Whoa wut

2010-05-20 22:06:12 by Palkia04

Dang, it's been, what? YEARS before I last made a Journal?
Exuse me, Society, you've been killing my computer and grammar.


2009-09-24 22:41:55 by Palkia04

My first flash, dead. Well that's just great.... People need to read my description. I needed at least a 2-5 to pass. Instead I got a 1. Aint that just GREAT?

I hate working, it hurts my brain.

Made my first post...Hopefully.

2009-09-23 22:53:41 by Palkia04

I think I finally got my first flash up, yes, it is a loop, so, I have 2 new ideas for flash, here are their names-
Nighty-Nine- SUPARZ

I think you may guess what may happen there. Lol

Cant Post...

2009-06-12 18:43:09 by Palkia04

I was gunna type up some stories or, write them on Flash but the verification isnt going well at all... Any reasons why this is happening? Plz respond :U

Cant Post...

What do I do when im BORED?

2008-12-07 02:25:06 by Palkia04

What I do when IM bored is, I grab a pencil and my journal and stasrt writing about my Pokemon storys and Anime stories that I may type.